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Marsh Marigold.
A bench amidst the scenery at Dauner Martin.
Dauner Martin
155 acres in Genesee County

Located in Fenton, Dauner Martin is one of five Michigan Nature Association sanctuaries located within a city limit. The sanctuary is perfect for those who want to get away from it all and have some peace and quiet without traveling hundreds of miles up north.  Visitors are able to walk down 4.5 miles of marked trails while gazing at hundreds of colorful wildflowers, indulging in bird watching and seeing plentiful deer. The sanctuary also has numerous benches to relax on.

In 1998 Robert J. Martin and sister, Marion T. Martin, long time residents of Fenton, deeded their land to the Michigan Nature Association. Robert Martin said he didn’t want to see the farmland and woods, which once belonged to his grandparents, disturbed from here on. Through the years, he had planted thousands of small pines as a reforestation project. Some are now older than 50 years. Other species such as oak, elm, cherry, maple, and ash are also prevalent on the property.

Please come out for a visit and enjoy the sanctuary. Don’t forget your camera and binoculars.

A PDF map of the sanctuary's trails can be downloaded here.