Friday, Oct 23, 2020

We are excited to announce the winners in this year’s 10th Annual Photo Contest. This year’s photo contest saw more than 200 entries from over three dozen photographers. After much deliberation, the photo contest judges selected the winners based on their photographic and ecological qualities. The winning photographers will be honored with a framed print of their winning photo, a commemorative t-shirt, and their photo will be featured in future MNA publications.

Congratulations to the following winners, and thank you to all who entered this year! These beautiful photos help us tell the story of why Michigan is so worth protecting and preserving for future generations.


Category: Flora & Fauna

Honorable Mention, Mating Sphinx Moths near MNA's Calla Burr Memorial Nature Sanctuary by Patricia Lindsay

3rd Place, Cape May Warbler in White Spruce Marilyn Keigley

2nd Place, Hanging Out at MNA's Wilkie Memorial Plant Preserve by Daniel Burton

1st Place, Three of a Kind by Julia Schachinger


Category: Landscapes

Honorable Mention, Refractured Eventide by Steven Bourdow

3rd Place, Wildflowers by William Rowan

2nd Place, O Kun de Kun Falls by Thomas Wiensch

1st Place, Isle Royale Volcanic Cliffs and Orange Sunburst Lichen by Marilyn Keigley


Category: People in Nature           

Honorable Mention, Girl with Spring Peeper by Mary Scramlin

3rd Place, Rowing on the Grand by Deborah Traxinger

2nd Place, Summer field by Adelyn Geissel

1st Place, Worm in the Mud at MNA's Lyle and Mary Rizor Nature Sanctuary by Jeremy Salo


Overall Winner

Pollinators Get the Job Done by Greg Bodker


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Nan Pokerwinski

2020-10-26 08:41:34.0
Very impressive work! Congratulations to this year's winners!!

John Behnke

2020-10-27 03:50:24.0
These are nice, but I think the photos submitted should taken in MNA sanctuaries

Sue and Bob

2020-10-27 16:36:43.0
Incredibly awesome! Congratulations Greg Bodker . Well done ,

Peg gentry

2020-10-30 12:45:33.0
Love all of them! Thanks for entering the context

Charles Peirce

2020-11-02 08:09:04.0
I agree with John Behnke

Jackie Kinsman

2020-11-02 08:47:30.0
Beautiful! and very creative and thoughtful! I wish we could order prints.

Marilyn Berling

2020-11-02 08:48:36.0
Lovely photographs! Especially like 3rd place Flora & Fauna. Not an easy bird to photograph. My favorite warbler.