Friday, Aug 12, 2016

MNA recently hosted the Falcon Naming Contest for kids! Peregrine falcons are nesting on the cliffs of one of MNA's nature sanctuaries in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. These birds are very rare and scientists want to protect them to learn more about their habits, but the falcons are in need of names. Kids have the opportunity to choose the names that the scientists will use when studying these birds in Michigan and beyond!

With numerous creative entries from elementary and middle school students across the state, the winning names have been chosen.

Say hello to Mojo and Ming-Ming!

Congratulations to Gabby from Holland Woods Middle School and Kyle from Newaygo Middle School, who won the Falcon Naming Contest and choose the names for the falcon chicks! The two lucky winners received a backpack filled with fun nature educational materials, such as a National Geographic Kids subscription, Bird Guide, Bird Log, a magnifying glass, and more!