Wednesday, Oct 12, 2016

The Michigan Nature Association would like to notify you that we will be implementing a white-tailed deer management program this fall at the Timberland Swamp Nature Sanctuary. MNA carefully considers impacts and concerns related to the removal of nuisance wildlife species prior to implementing management programs.

In recent years, numerous MNA volunteers, members, stewards, board members, and staff have been reporting a loss of diversity and concerns related to the impact of white-tailed deer browse pressure at numerous MNA sanctuaries, but particulary the Timberland Swamp Nature Sanctuary. As a result, MNA has conducted vegetative deer browse impact surveys at Timberland Swamp for numerous years. The results of the survey efforts demonstrated browse tendencies associated with extreme white-tailed deer browse pressure over time and associated changes in forest stratification and wildlife habitat contrary to the goals for the sanctuary. Forest wildlife and vegetative diversity likely have and will continue to be heavily impacted at this sanctuary without the initiation of management efforts to prevent the sanctuary from operating as a white-tailed deer refuge and congregation site on the landscape. In order to better protect the biodiversity of the sanctuary, including the diversity of wildflowers, songbirds, reptiles, amphibians, etc., the ability of the forest to regenerate and remain healthy, and to protect the quality and diversity of the wetlands, the Michigan Nature Association will again be implementing the deer management program at Timberland Swamp Nature Sanctuary during the fall of 2016.

The program has been planned with the safety of sanctuary users, neighbors, the adjoining parks, and the wild residents of the sanctuary in mind. The program is being conducted under a deer management agreement with a team of sportsmen experienced in sharpshooting white-tailed deer within highly developed portions of Southeast Michigan. Note that this notice is not an invitation for open public hunting of white-tailed deer within the sanctuary. The program will operate Tuesday through Thursday between October 10 and December 22, 2016 with actual deer management occurring only on the following dates.

Tuesday, October 11 – Thursday, October 13

Tuesday, November 22 – Thursday, November 24

Tuesday, October 18 – Thursday, October 20

Tuesday, November 29 – Thursday, December 1

Tuesday, October 25 – Thursday, October 27

Tuesday, December 6 – Thursday, December 8

Tuesday, November 1 - Thursday, November 3

Tuesday, December 13 – Thursday, December 15

Tuesday, November 8 – Thursday, November 10

Tuesday, December 20 – Thursday, December 22

Tuesday, November 15 – Thursday, November 17


Numerous safety zones and no hunting areas have been identified to keep the program a safe distance from neighboring property activities. If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Bacon, Stewardship Coordinator at (517) 580-3021 or